A fond farewell..

After 12 years, this site has had a much needed upgrade and I’m wishing a fond farewell to the awesome old website it’s replacing. Re-designing and developing this site has been so low on my todo list because I love that old website more than my dog. (THAT’S NOT TRUE BUDDY, I’M SORRY, I LOVE YOU)

Seriously though, I love the old website. I remember making it in 2008 – 19 years old and using (Macromedia – not Adobe) Dreamweaver on a monitor with a screen res of 880 x 640. It’s made exclusively out of tables and chopped up images. I chopped up the images in Paint Shop Pro 5.

In around 2003, a couple of my friends and I had an MSN-based internet speed contest to see who could download Paint Shop Pro 5 the fastest. In the 2 hours we all had before the internet cut off I never managed to fully download it. One of my friends had to put it on to a disc for me. I’ve just checked how big the download is – it’s 20MB. Seriously, we couldn’t download 20MB in 2 hours.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the old beauty. To experience it in it’s full glory, I recommend viewing on an early version of Firefox with your oldest, smallest monitor on a computer in which the fan whirs every time you even breathe.

Behold, the legacy: www.lukepalmer.co.uk v.1.0.0

So now I have a new website I’ve promised myself that I’ll write regularly. I don’t have much time for blogging but I know it’s important to get myself out there on the interwebs in some shape or form, so this is how I’ll do it.

Expect posts about web development, self sustainability, song writing, music tech, my vegetable garden, my various DIY projects and a healthy amount of judgement of a lot of things going on in the world.

I might get better at writing. I might not. Meantime, don’t expect me to be able to sign off a post well.